The Haarbocht Lounge floats above the Haarbocht stand at a height of 15 metres and can be accessed via a special glass lift. You will be hosted in a trendy, tasteful lounge area with private catering and a private bar. You will also have a reserved seat in the stand directly below the lounge and will be able to move freely between the reserved seat and lounge area throughout the day.

    From the comfort of your reserved seat in the Haarbocht Grandstand, you won’t miss a thing! You’ll be able to see the drivers come from the Start/Finish at top speed and follow them over the entire North loop.

    This package includes

    • Access to the Haarbocht Lounge Hospitality Area
    • Roving grandstand seat on Saturday
    • Reserved covered seat in the Haarbocht grandstand on Sunday only
    • Motorcycle or car parking (on request)
    • Private catering from 11:30am (light breakfast, lunch and appetizers)
    • Private bar

    Prices are per person.


    Terrace Viewing
    Reserved Position
    TV Screen (subject to change)


    TT Assen Circuit


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    Important Info

    Child Tickets

    Children up to 15 years get free General Admission on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A ticket needs to be collected at the entrance by showing proof of age.

    No child tickets are available for Grandstand seating, so an adult ticket must be purchased.

    Disabled Tickets

    Wheelchair accessible platforms are available in beautiful spots along the track, next to the Main stand, the Stekkenwal stand and the Ossebroeken stand. Wheelchair-users and carers need to purchase a Rolstoel Plateau ticket each to access these platforms. Please note that due to the limited amount of space for wheelchair users, only 1 carer per person can access the Rolstoel Plateau. Please contact us to make a booking.


    After the success and record number of fans attending the 2018 race, the Netherlands MotoGP will again take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in 2019.

    Grandstand seats are reserved on Sunday only and on Friday and Saturday the circuit operates a roving policy, which means that you will be able to access all available grandstands on a first-come first-served basis.

    All grandstand tickets also include access to the general admission areas.


    Tickets are couriered to your home/work address. Once you have selected your tickets, head to the checkout for more details on delivery options.

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