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    Motegi rests on the far eastern border of the Tochigi Prefecture. The tranquil city, far from the excitement and ebullience of the capital, is host of the automobile world, with the Honda Collection Hall transport museum, the Nissan Proving Grounds, and the inimitable Twin Rings Motegi circuit.

    Tochigi Prefecture is home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes, shrines and temples. UNESCO recognized the city of Nikko especially, naming it a World Heritage Site for its ancient Shintou shrines and Buddhist temples. There are many things to enjoy in the area, from the famous onsen (hot springs) that Japan is known for, where you can soak up after an intense day at the race, to visiting the Heritage Sites.

    In the Things To Do section, you can find a more comprehensive list of sites you may wish to visit.

    • Language: Japanese
    • Currency: Japanese Yen (JPY)
    • Time Zone: JST (GMT+0900)

    International Travel

    Motegi is located 145km away from Tokyo, the biggest travel hub in Japan. Visitors travelling by plane may be able to reach the city by bullet train, which takes you to Utzunomiya station from Tokyo Station in 50 minutes. Train tickets can be booked in advance and may be purchased from the train company's website or app. From Utsunomiya Station you can take the bus from bus stop no.3 (West Exit) to Twin Ring Motegi which would take 90 minutes, or a taxi which would take 60 minutes.

    Some useful characters to take note of which may help you on your travels are:

    • Utzunomiya - 宇都宮
    • Motegi - 茂木
    • Taxi - タクシー
    • Bus - バス
    • Train - 列車


    For more information on where to stay and accommodation, check out our dedicated Accommodation page.

    Things To Do

    From the comfortable, to the adventurous, the Tochigi Prefecture has something to offer for everybody.

    Embark on a three hours and a half train ride, and find yourself in the exuberant Tokyo. Alternatively, stay local within the prefecture, and sample some of the most delicious foods Japan has to offer, visit gorgeous ancient temples and finish it off with a relaxing soak in one of the famous natural hot springs (macaques not guaranteed).

    If you are pressed for time, try visiting Nikko, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura culture and amusement park gives you rare glimpses into the era of old Japan, with workshops, games and theatrics of samurai, geisha, ninja and more. Head to the Tobu World Square, where over a hundred miniature models of the most famous World Cultural and Heritage Sites await. The Nikko Tosho-gu Shrine is a great way to learn about Japanese history, the local region and its culture.

    High up in the mountains above Nikko, you will find the Kegon Falls at Lake Chuzenji, a popular tourist attraction - for a very good reason! A bus tour can get you up to the Falls from Nikko in about an hour.

    Some of the freshest and most delicious food can be sampled in Tochigi, good for your palate and for your wallet! One example is the typical beverage Sake; local Sake in the Nasu area is so popular, you may even consider trying a tasting! Tochigi is also famous for shiitake mushrooms - do not miss the shiitake soba dish! - and for gyoza, or Japanese dumplings.

    Whatever you have an appetite for while attending the Japanese MotoGP, you will be sure to find it here!


    The temperature in this area is likely to be around 20 degrees centigrade, with both showers and sunny spells expected throughout the weekend. Therefore please ensure that you are well prepared with a rain mac or poncho - especially as grandstands are not covered - but also with sun protection and water to stay hydrated. A jacket/jumper may also be useful for the evening. Try to check the weather each morning before you leave so you know what to expect.

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