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Hotels, Camping, and Where to Stay

Twin Ring Motegi

    Where to Stay

    Nearby accommodation is extremely limited, so it is strongly recommended to book in advance. You may consider seeking acommodation in one of the neighbouring cities, such as Utsunomiya, Mashiko, Moka, Kasama or Mito.

    Shuttle buses between Utsunomiya - the largest city in the area - and Motegi will be running daily and take 90 minutes in favourable traffic conditions. We advise planning your travels in advance in order to avoid disappointment.

    Motegi is located 145km away from Tokyo, the biggest travel hub in Japan. Visitors travelling by plane may be able to reach the city by bullet train, which takes you to Utzunomiya station from Tokyo Station in 50 minutes. Train tickets can be booked in advance and may be purchased from the train company's website or app. From Utsunomiya Station you can take the bus from bus stop no.3 (West Exit) to Twin Ring Motegi which would take 90 minutes, or a taxi which would take 60 minutes.


    Hotels may be extremely busy over the race weekend, so it is highly recommended to book in advance, or consider accommodation in neighbouring cities.


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