Getting to Mugello Circuit

Mugello Circuit


    Parking is available on the outside of the circuit for cars and motorcycles. It is payable on arrival for approximately 10 euros per day.

    Traffic at Mugello Circuit has historically been extremely heavy. Please be aware that delays are likely when arriving and leaving the circuit.

    Coach & Bus


    There is the option to get a taxi from Florence to any destination in Mugello which is approximately 30 kilometres away. You may check with your hotel in Florence to arrange for this.

    Please allow plenty of time if you take a taxi to the circuit as the traffic is likely to be heavy and be prepared for a short walk as the taxis may not drop you off at the circuit entrance due to the traffic.


    The closest railway stations to the circuit are Borgo San Lorenzo (8km to the south) and Florence Santa Maria Novella Central train station (30km to the south). If you are in Florence, take the train from Florence Santa Maria Novella Station to Borgo San Lorenzo Station; this should take approximately 45 minutes.

    In past years this service has been busy and not always run to schedule over the race weekend. We recommend allowing plenty of time to reach the circuit should unexpected delays occur. Once at Borgo San Lorenzo Station, you can either take a taxi or a bus to the circuit. However, please be aware that in the past visitors reported taxis as unavailable due to the high number of fans and the bus service non-existent. Locals may offer transfers to the circuit for a fee.

    The circuit is located 8km from Borgo San Lorenzo Station so you may even decide to walk. If you choose this option, please be prepared with plenty of sun protection and drinking water as the temperatures may be hot at this time of the year.

    Our advice is to take a car and drive to the circuit for the most reliable form of transport.


    Mugello Circuit is approximately 2.5km away from the nearby town of Scarperia, which is a 40 minute walk away.


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