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Mugello Circuit

    Where to Stay

    Mugello is located in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany, approximately 30 Km from Florence. The small towns surrounding Mugello offer a limited number of accommodation options. However, in Florence you will be able to find a wide range of hotels, hostels and bed and breakfast. Early bookings to secure accommodation are recommended.


    Camping is available for 3-day ticket holders only and a campsite entry pass must be purchased per person. If you are also taking a motorhome, then you will also need to purchase a Motorhome Camping Access pass as well as a 3-day campsite entry pass.

    Ingresso Palagio is the main entrance to the circuit. If you are camping in tents, please note that parking is located outside the circuit and therefore camping equipment will need to be carried to the camping areas. There is access to water and toilets in the camping areas, however, please expect the facilities to be basic.

    Please note: you must have a 3-day circuit entry ticket to purchase camping (excludes Arrabbiata 58 which does not have access to the camping areas). This means that, for example, if you have tickets for Sunday only you will not be able to access the campsites.

    Camping will be available to purchase shortly.



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