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Motorland Aragon

    Where to Stay

    The circuit is located close to the town of Alcaniz. It is approximately 240 km from Barcelona and and 240 Km from Valencia. The closest major town is Zaragoza which is situated 100 km away.

    Barcelona, Valencia and Zaragozza offer a wide range of accommodation options so you may want to consider staying in one of these two cities and then travel to the circuit by coach or train. Click here for Transport options to Alcaniz.


    Camping facilities are available at Camping and Bungalows La Estanca, which is located in Alcaniz (approximately 5Km from the circuit). There are also other campsites a little further away such as Camping and Bungalow Lake Caspe, located in Caspe (approximately 28Km from the circuit), Zona de Acampada El Roble, located in Valderrobres (approximately 34Km from the circuit), and Camping Castellote, located in Castellote (approximately 46Km from the circuit).


    Alcaniz is a small town and offers a limited number of hotels and cottages such as Hotel Ciudad de Alcañiz (approximately 3Km from the circuit), Hotel Villa Monter (approximately 5Km from the circuit), Torre Alta de Ram (approximately 6Km from the circuit), Casa Torre Gil (approximately 5Km from the circuit), and Mas de Maria (approximately 6Km from the circuit).

    There are many other small towns nearby that also offer accommodation options such as Casa Rural María Isabel in Puigmoreno (approximately 5Km from the circuit), Casa Rural Los Pinos in Valmuel (approximately 6Km from the circuit), Casa Javier in Valmuel (approximately 6Km from the circuit), Hotel Balfagón in Calanda (approximately 18Km from the circuit), and Portal del Matarraña in Valjunquera (approximately 19Km from the circuit).


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